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Credit Report & Score: CCRIS, CTOS, and RAMCI

Credit reports and credit scores provide banks and financial institutions with information on your credit history to help them evaluate your financial health.

Now that you know about the different credit facilities available, you need to learn about the different types of credit reports that can be used to evaluate your application. In Malaysia, there is CCRIS, CTOS, and RAMCI.

In this video, you will learn about why it is important to have a good credit score, understand the different types of credit reports available and how they work, their pros and cons, as well as how you can improve your credit score.

A good credit score can improve your loan approval process, and knowing the different types of credit reports will help you understand what to look out for when applying for one.



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Which of these will not happen if you have a good credit score?

Where does Credit Tip Off Service not gather its information about a borrower from?

How can a borrower improve his or her credit score?