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How to manage money as a married couple

Marriage isn’t just a big emotional commitment; it’s a financial commitment too.

Wedding planning is just the beginning. Once you’re married, honest communication is crucial as you will have to discuss household expenses as well as existing debts and commitments with someone who may have different financial goals and preferences.

In this video, you will learn how to prepare financially for your wedding, tips on managing your expenses together, navigating the difficulties of existing debt, as well as ongoing strategies to monitor and maintain your financial health.

Managing your own finances is difficult enough, but learning how to share your financial burdens and commitments can strengthen your marriage (and finances).



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When getting married, which item should you avoid spending for the special occasion?

For a married couple, from a financial aspect, which items should you avoid as a couple?

Married couples should NOT do the following to avoid pitfalls of financial debts: