SmartFinance FAQ

What does Smartfinance provides me when I Sign up?

Smartfinance is a platform that offers financial content and tools from reliable sources. The primary objective of Smartfinance is to encourage users seek for a licensed financial planner to assist them in their financial management and growth. Users are able to search, communicate and match with suitable licensed financial planners on the platform.

Are the results from the tools accurate?

The results are an indication to give you an idea where you areFor an accurate result which is based on all aspects of yourlife, it is best to consult and engage a LicensedPlanner.

Is there a way to have my banking and card accounts data be imported into the cashflow dashboard?

We do not have such feature at this moment and is included in our wishlist.

Are the offerings in Smartfinance trustworthy and validated?

Smartfinance performs stringent checks on all financial planners on board, ensuring they are all licensed, certified and have been practicing for a minimal period of time in their respective specialization(s). Smartfinance will not feature any financial planners that do not hold proper industry practices of deviates from the financial planning ethics. Smartfinance, however, do not promise a perfect fit between you and the financial planner you’ve selected as all financial plans needs constant nurturing and guidance over time.

How is Smartfinance different from other financial websites?

The contents are carefully curated from reliable sources eg AKPK, InvestSmart, PPA and is aim to provide practical knowledge in relation to your personal finances.

Some websites compare products for you so that you can make a decision on your purchase of financial products. At smarfinance, our information are independent and it gives you the basic characteristics of a financial product generically to build your foundation so that you can make an informed decision.

What happens after I have finished all the video lessons?

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood”
Helen Keller

These lessons are updated whenever there are regulatory changes or new ideas in personal finances. We want you to keep abreast so the lessons are updated as well. You will be informed when there are new updates or lessons for your easy learning.

There are so many Licensed Financial Planners, how do I decide which one to choose from?

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever”
Keri Russell

View the profiles of the listed financial planners, pick 3 who are closest to what you are looking for. Do an initial chat with them and decide who is best suited for you. You may want to meet them in person too, before deciding to engage one.

I have initiated chat sessions with a few financial planners but none of them responded to my messages. Is there something wrong and how can this be solved?

We are sorry to hear that there isn’t any response from the financial planners. Should the financial planners that you’ve initiated chat with not respond within 48 hours, kindly send us a screenshot of the conversation whereby they’ve not responded to [email protected].

I have just engaged a financial planner on Smartfinance. How long does it usually take to draft a financial plan and what does it usually consist of?

If the client were to give full the information required, it will take 2-3 weeks to draft a financial plan which will cover cash flow and net worth, planning of life goals, investments, protection & taxation needs. It also covers estate planning needs.

However, in reality, due to unavailability of information, it may take more than a month for the plan to be drafted. It also depends on whether the plan is comprehensive or covers certain part of your life (modular plan).

Is Smartfinance’s services and offerings free of any fees?

All of Smartfinance’s offerings on the platform (website) is free to use and access upon signing up. We do not charge any fee for the financial lessons, articles, infographics and vouchers. All these are funded by Capital Market Development Fund (

However, all services offered by the licensed financial planners that you’ve selected to work with is subject to your negotiations with them. Smartfinance, through various initiatives, has placed an understanding with the licensed financial planners to offer a preferential fee to all Smartfinance users.

What does the points in the user profile mean and how can I utilise them?

The points seen in the user profile are meant for users to claim the rewards for the effort they have made by using the financial tools, learning from lessons and articles, and also connecting or engaging with the licensed financial planners on the platform. You can use the points by browsing on offers in the rewards page.

Why are the rewards only for financial products and not other products?

At Smartfinance, we want our users to be money smart and money wise, so we bring to you financial providers who give you special deals so that you can enjoy savings or expanded services for your personal financial needs. All in one place so that you can learn and enjoy benefits at the same time.

Data Privacy: How do I know my information will not be used or sold for commercial purposes?

At Smartfinance, we respect you data privacy and are also bound by data privacy act. Hence the information that you provide remains within your user ID unless you choose to share with the Licensed Financial Planner or financial provider of your choice.

I am facing some system error and website accessibility issues, who can I report these issues to?

Thanks for providing us feedback and extending your effort in helping us make this platform serve you better. You can email the issues to [email protected].