Nur Hafizzah binti Mohd Yusop, Shariah RFP

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Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur - Batu


Phillip Wealth Planner Sdn Bhd

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from RM500 up to RM1,500

About Nur Hafizzah binti Mohd Yusop, Shariah RFP

6 years ago, I am helping my first client planning to settle her PTPTN loan after her name being blacklisted, it bring a lot of easing on her life after that. She applying all the advise that Im giving to her till she managed to bought her first property within 6 months, imagine from name being blacklisted on PTPTN untill bought her own property, huge achievement for her and kudos to her trendmendous effort follows all the financial planning advice given.

Since then I realised that my responsibility to give holistic financial advice to the client so they can plan for their future and it makes me even want to do more. However my role has a limitation , as I give all the advice and plan according to the clients need, eventually client who the one execute the plan and to make it happened. It required a team work between financial planner and respected client to achieved a plan.

If you want to feel the experience planning a holistic financial plan with me, I will try to do my best to fulfill the role and we will work as a team. I work best with client who want to help themselves and take charge of their life.

My core advice offering is cash flow management, takaful protection, investment planning, debt management, individual tax optiomization and islamic wealth distribution (Wasiat writing). Most of my client looking for directions on how to maximize their resources for retirement plan and plan for the life of hereafter by planning with Wasiat Writing.

Area of Expertise

Estate Planning, Comprehensive Plan, Health Care Planning, Financial Security, Credit Protection, Retirement Planning, General Accumulation / Emergency Money, Child Tertiary Education Planning, Child Planning, Emergency Savings, Wealth & Investment Portfolio Management

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