Lee Wei Li, RFP

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Selangor, Petaling Jaya



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from RM1,500 up to RM3,000

About Lee Wei Li, RFP

Financial freedom is about much more than just having money. It’s the freedom to be who you really are and do what you really want in life. It’s about following your passion, making choices that aren’t influenced by your bank account, and living life on your terms, this is Robert Kiyosaki’s say. And I totally agree with him. Being an RFP, Registered Financial Planner, I am the person who will walk you through the process of financial planning and moving towards achieving financial freedom. The process of financial planning covers wealth accumulations, wealth protection, wealth preservation, and also wealth distribution. Holistic financial planning will assure you to achieve your life goal timely and surely. This is my passion for my career in financial planning, not to make you rich in just dollar and cents but being wholesome in your finances.
I believe different stages of life required different sets of financial planning; that is why I will custom made personally for my clients, after doing fact-finding by knowing them better. By then, this will make his or her journey to achieve their dream or goals in life surely.
I involve in financial educations as well, as I believe practical financial knowledge is important to be transferred to the next generations. Being part of a financial educational planner, I am now actively involved in giving financial literacy talks in NGOs, Universities, and the Corporate level.

Area of Expertise

Comprehensive Plan (covers all aspects of planning your personal finances and life goals),

Health Care Planning (medical, surgical, dental, critical illness, disability, etc for individual/family),

Child Tertiary Education Planning (securing your children's education),

Retirement Planning (pre and post-retirement planning, management of retirement fund),

Estate Planning (timely wealth distribution),

General Accumulation / Emergency Money (management of savings for other use)

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