Kam Teik Guan, CFP

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Petaling, Selangor



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Range of fee

from RM500 up to RM3,000

About Kam Teik Guan, CFP

Financial planning practice is a mix of Science and Art and a good planner must be able to pull both elements together in harmony. Science is competency & know-how, Art is understanding clients and their needs.

Zig Ziglar’s quote which drive my work philosophy is, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. I believe this holds true because when you succeed financially, I will be compensated fairly for my efforts.

I’ve been with IPP since 2009. Choosing this career makes a huge difference in the way I value this work.

Studies show that achieving financial success is achieved by design with constant monitoring. Achieving your financial goals begin with a process, a marathon which I hope to run together with you. I’ll begin by understanding your financial situation & we will take it from there.

Let’s meet at the starting line to achieving your financial success!

Area of Expertise

Comprehensive Plan (covers all aspects of planning your personal finances and life goals)

Succession Planning (planning for business continuation)

Health Care Planning (medical, surgical, dental, critical illness, disability, etc for individual / family)

Financial Security (ensuring stable stream of income for individual / family)

Child Tertiary Education Planning (securing your children's education)

Retirement Planning (pre and post retirement planning, management of retirement fund)

Estate Planning (timely wealth distribution)

General Accumulation / Emergency Money (management of savings for other use)

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