Julian Seng Liang An, CFP

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Kuala Lumpur


Alpine Advisory Sdn Bhd

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from RM500 up to RM10,000

About Julian Seng Liang An, CFP

During my career as a financial planner, I am responsible for helping clients avoid financial mistakes, providing neutral advice, and assisting them with planning their finances, family finances, and business finances at any stage of their lives.
Furthermore, I also play the role of companion and coach during the implementation of the plan, to ensure that financial planning has the highest possible effect.
One of the primary objectives of my profession is to secure client's futures and assist them in developing a healthy and proper approach to financial management.
My belief is that the best way to achieve financial freedom and reduce financial stress is to acquire proper financial knowledge and cultivate a sense of wisdom and humility

It is Julian's 18 years of experience in the financial industry that has earned him the title of 2nd runner up in the Malaysia Financial Planner Year Award 2019.

Area of Expertise

1.Comprehensive Plan (covers all aspects of planning your personal finances and life goals)
2.Financial Coaching (monitoring, provide unbiased advice, discover financial mistakes and provide solutions)

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