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from RM500 up to RM3,000

About Jessie Ooi, CFP

Being an accountant and a numbers person, I can see the value of financial literacy.
Financial planning is a fundamental for a family’s happiness. Throughout decades of service, I found couples fight mostly start from he/she cannot compromise with partner’s money mindset.
Most of them cannot talk well in money topic. They don’t share the common financial objective and do not communicate about family’s existing financial position. Worst, sometime one party try to avoid from understand the financial truth.
Couple hardly able to let his/her partner know the rational of his/her spending habit, priority, investment preference, retirement preference and even his/her financial fear.
If the couple cannot resolve the money issue between them, their children will inherit the same money mindset, generation over generation.
I am coming from the similar family. I inherited their money mindset and brought it to my own family. It takes me decades of struggling and learning to breakthrough it!
Now my career goal is to help more families to transform their financial life in 3 areas:
(1) Better financial clarity
(2) Better financial communication
(3) Grow their family net worth
A better world start from couple can have a sweet talk on family money.
If you are listening with an open mind, do message me and talk more about:
(1) Your family financial planning
(2) Do you nurture your children with proper financial literacy?
(3) Do you currently suffer from financial insecurity emotion?
(4) Your family estate planning
# Personal Finance is more PERSONAL than Finance #

Area of Expertise

Comprehensive Plan (covers all aspects of planning your personal finances and life goals),
Succession Planning (planning for business continuation),
Family Office (holistic family management),
Health Care Planning (medical, surgical, dental, critical illness, disability, etc for individual / family),
Financial Security (ensuring stable stream of income for individual / family),
Credit Protection (debt and contingency planning), Child Tertiary Education Planning (securing your children's education),
Retirement Planning (pre and post retirement planning, management of retirement fund),
Estate Planning (timely wealth distribution),
General Accumulation / Emergency Money (management of savings for other use)

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