Gor Sheau Shuenn, CFP

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Mont Kiara, Seputeh, Kepong, Selayang, Batu Caves


 Alpine Advisory Sdn

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from RM3,000 up to RM12,000

About Gor Sheau Shuenn, CFP

According to research, most of the financial mistake had done by impulsive emotion decision, and emotion is the by-product of our daily spending behavior, to overcome the behavior, we need to have a clear financial direction, therefore, when we spend our money on something that we want instead of we need, there will be a rational voice to question:

"is the buying decision relevant to our life objective, if that investment decision will impact on our financial goal, is this insurance will secure against the risk we are exploring? Is the price worth the value?"

My name is Shuenn, I'm a Licensed Financial Planner, a Finance and Accounting graduate from the University of Queensland, also a CFP and IFP holder. In addition, I'm also a Winner of the Malaysia Financial Planner Year Award (MFPYA'19)

I'm passionate about my job is because I have been helping numerous families to visualise family finances, realise their life goals and objective, and initial them to make sound financial decisions which relevant to their life objective.

Drop me a message, if you would like to find out more about my expertise, and your needs.

Area of Expertise

Comprehensive Financial Planning - Assist on the discovery of current financial position (living expenses, debt commitment, financial goal shortfall, saving and investment capability), setting a "smart" life goal and objective, establish doable strategy, and step by a step road map to ensure your financial decision are relevant to your life objective.

Children Education Planning - Assist on discovery on what available option to ensure your children secure the best source of knowledge and learning's environment and not to say sorry when our children ask for it.

Retirement Planning - Assist on discovery on what are the obstacle and challenges may face during retirement stages, in term of, physically and mentally prepared, of course, including our retirement income strategy to handle on our active retirement need, healthcare support and more detail.

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