Ahmad Nazmi bin Kamal Adzham, CFP

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Selangor - Petaling Jaya


Redvest Wealth & Asset Management Sdn Bhd

License number

eCMSRL C0792 2021

Range of fee

from RM1,501 up to RM3,000

About Ahmad Nazmi bin Kamal Adzham, CFP

Nazmi is a founding member of Redvest Wealth & Asset Management. Nazmi has over 15 years of experience in various capacities during his stint in Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) as a portfolio manager managing the country's foreign exchange reserves, investment in gold, Global Fixed Income, and Strategic Asset Allocation.

Nazmi holds a Master degree from the University of Tokyo, Japan and a Bachelor degree from the University Technology MARA (UiTM). He is also an Associate Member of the ACI-Financial Markets Association of Malaysia (ACI-FMAM, also known as the Persatuan Pasaran Kewangan Malaysia).

Nazmi is a CFP and Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) since 2018. He is a Licensed Financial Planner as well as a Licensed Fund Manager by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Area of Expertise

Comprehensive Plan (covers all aspects of planning your personal finances and life goals), Family Office (holistic family management), Health Care Planning (medical, surgical, dental, critical illness, disability, etc for individual / family), Financial Security (ensuring stable stream of income for individual / family), Credit Protection (debt and contingency planning), Child Tertiary Education Planning (securing your children's education), Retirement Planning (pre and post retirement planning, management of retirement fund), General Accumulation / Emergency Money (management of savings for other use)

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