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Buying a house? plan your finances for your first purchase

Buying a house is a big step into adulthood, but can be overwhelming for beginners. However, it’s not just a place for you to stay; a house is a potentially lucrative investment that can provide high income several years down the road.

In this video, you learn the pros and cons of owning v renting, and the different factors to consider when buying a house as well as tips on how to assess them. You will also learn how to plan your finances to pay for your house as well based on your personal budget and spending habits.

Owning a house is a big responsibility, but can be accomplished with the right financial planning.



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Why should you buy a house against renting one?

What are the key points that are of least important when selecting a house to buy?

If you purchased a house and would like to be a landlord, all these are questions you should be asking except: