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Consumer redress (Part 2): Lodging a dispute

Now that you’ve learnt all about SIDREC and how you can solve disputes through financial service providers, it is important to know that there are also limits to how much they can help you.

Here, you will learn that SIDREC is an independent and impartial avenue for consumer redress if you have a valid case. You can either be granted a full award (you get back all the money that was owed to you), a partial award (you get back some of the money that was owed to you) or have your case be dismissed and be granted no award at all (you get back no money that was owed to you) by the adjudicator.

The example given in this section will help you understand the intricacies of common legal proceedings with the consumer and SIDREC.
Learn how to approach independent bodies like SIDREC and be a smart consumer!



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Which of the following is the recommended course of action in the event you fail to resolve a financial dispute with a financial provider?