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Consumer redress (Part 1): What is consumer redress?

What happens when you feel like you’ve been misled and wrongly mistreated by your financial service provider?

If it relates to a capital market product and services, you can actually seek help.

The Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Centre (SIDREC) is concerned with complaint-handling procedures through which in consumers like you and me can seek compensation or to rectify the problems that come out of transactions that have gone wrong.

You will need to know what kind of help you can ask from them such as what capital market products they can provide financial services for. There will be an example in this section that will help you break down how the legal process works with SIDREC, what possible outcomes are there and how to deal with each scenario.

Once you complete this part of the quiz, you will always know what to do should anything bad happens to you!



Lesson Quiz

SIDREC helps consumers with any financial product and services dispute offered by registered companies with them. What does SIDREC stand for?